Early in 2010 we were cycle touring in France and stumbled across EuroVelo 6. We then made an impromptu decision to follow it for a few weeks. The official website,, does not provide enough detail to allow good planning.

Maps for the French and Romanian sections are now available. Maps for the central section are being prepared but no release date has been announced.

We found that the maps for the French section were not completely accurate as some sections have been realigned, and do not always show route through the larger cities. Portions of the route are still not marked so there are a few challenges.

The maps do not provide accurate information about what accommodation is available, though there is an accompanying guidebook but we have not seen one for sale. Some of the regional tourist boards do have information about accommodation.

This blog is to share information about EuroVelo 6 so those who had ride part or all of the route can share their experience and advice with those who are planning to undertake a ride all it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A bed for the night

One of the big advantages of camping when cycle touring is that you don’t have to worry to much about where you are going to spend the night. All options are open, rough it in the bush, use a camping ground, or book into a hostel or hotel.

If you do not have camping gear then your options are severely limited, especially when you are far from well-beaten tourist trails. Sometimes this is good as the hotels, hostels; B&Bs are used by business people so tend to have early breakfasts and substantial meals which are not overly rich. One the downside there are only a few to choose from and are often full. In some cases the hotels can be cheap and basic, in other cases extremely luxurious with room rates to match. Therefore, deep pockets and a healthy budget are required.

As cycle touring is not a predicable means of travel due to the vagaries of the weather flats, motorists and a host of factors outside of cycle tourism hotels we usually booked one or two days in advance.

Blois Chateau - Is there a spare room for the night?
The risk of locking in accommodation a week or two in advance is that you must maintain a schedule. This is possible if the distances travelled are short then it can be rather boring if the “attractions” are underwhelming. Too much distance can result in hard riding which is no fun.

We tend to book accommodation only one or two days ahead.

During June and July of 2010 we generally stayed in 2 and 3 star hotels when we travelled from Nantes to Besançon. The cheapest room was €35 per night; the most expensive was €200 per night and averaged around €75 per night for a double room with private bathroom. The cheapest and most expensive rooms were taken in situations where there was no other accommodation within couple of hours riding.

What is your experience when using hotels along EuroVelo 6?

Should we pack the tent for the eastern end of EuroVelo 6?

Alternatively, is there plenty of good cheap accommodation?


  1. Hi everybody who cycled the Eurovelo6 route and the ones who are planning to,
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    We are offerring 7 single beds and one double bed with breakfast included. We can also serve other meals on demand and we support and provide local products. Connected with a local bicycle shop we can offer spare parts and fixing of any bicycle problems. We are providing service in six languages : except serbian, also in english, italian, french, spanish and german. For more details please take a look at our website

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  2. Hello from Varad Inn Hostel and Cafe. We are a new hostel also located on the eurovelo 6 only 200 meters after crossing the Varadin bridge you can find us at the foot of the Petrovaradin fortress. We offer 37 beds, 7 rooms all with ensuite baths and secure bike parking and bike repair dock. We speak a variety of languages. visit us at or just drop in we will be more than happy to accommodate you and your bicycle.

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  4. We are planning to do 6 weeks Aug-Sept on Eurovelo6 and are somewhat overwhelmed with where to start. We would like to camp (tent) along the way. Is this possible if we start in France. Are there camping grounds along the way and is it possible to free camp some places.